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Colorado Corporate Search, LLC specializes in accounting and financial recruitment in the Denver and Boulder marketplaces. Because we are focused both functionally and geographically, we are uniquely positioned to offer top quality service to our clients and candidates.

Several steps are taken prior to the introduction of the client and candidate. First, we hold an in-person meeting with the client company to establish their specific needs and to get a "gut-feel" for their corporate culture. Based on this meeting, we construct a written profile that outlines the company's history, position description, and the opportunity implicit within the organization.

Identification of candidates is usually done through referrals from people we have worked with in the past who have demonstrated consistent, trustworthy recommendations. We have relied on referrals solely because we just don't think ads in the newspaper are very effective.

In general, we only interview those who are a paper-fit for whatever we happen to be working on at the time. The initial meeting with the candidate is always, without exception, in person. During the course of the interview, we ascertain the specifics of the candidate's background, employment history, and "wants" of the candidate. When we establish that the candidate's background and goals are a fit with our client's opportunity, the introduction is made. We have NEVER submitted a resume without receiving the candidate's permission to do so, for EACH individual opportunity.

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